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About Us

We at Hemu Products have proven ourselves as the most futuristic, visionary and progressive firm. Since 1961, we have been bringing forth the most innovative Display systems for commercial, public, private & other purposes by working as a manufacturer. The offered collection by us includes Podium Desk, Display Board, Key Board, Projector Screen, Modular Drawer, Library Stand, Projector Trolley and many other items. With these varieties of display items, one can enhance their work productivity, manage time effectiveness and elevate the performance of personnel at workplaces. And, our served display systems have never disappointed any of our customers as they experience excellent performance of these items.

For more than five decades, our organization has kept itself focused on upgradation and improvisation in every aspect of the technological advancement that has taken place in the domain of visual communication & display systems. This is how, we have successfully maintained our relevant position in this competitive and ever-evolving sector. 

Quality: Our Motto

As said by Willa A. Foster that Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. And, this approach has always led our company to attain higher quality standards for various Display Board, Key Board, Modular Drawer, Library Stand, Projector Screen, Podium Desk, Projector Trolley and other items.

Some Factors that Keep Us Ahead of Other Firms
  • Global Perspective: From the very starting, we have kept ourselves updated with the national/international market of the display products. This gives us wider global perspective to stay relevant with growing industry. 
  • Diverse Application: With our range, we support diverse areas from computer room to factory. We work to enhance the work of marketing offices, maintenance shops, banks, schools, hotels and many more that require qualitative displays. 
  • Process Upgradation: With time, we keep upgrading our facilities & resources that are used in designing & development of display products. 
  • Committed Team: The determined team has been the ultimate strength of firm since 1961. Each member is committed to our organizational growth.
  • Free of Child labor: We believe in eradication of child labor and to support this, we do not employ children below the age of 14.
"We are dealing in local areas only."
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